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Don't put a note in your Calendar for the 18th December 🤔

Don't put a note in your Calendar for the 18th December 🤔

Because if you leave ordering the items you need until the final 'guaranteed' Christmas posting date, you might be 'sorely' disappointed!

Although it's been quite a while since the UK had a nationwide White Christmas, most years there have been localised cold weather events. Sometimes snow and even more disruptive; re-freezing snow melt, black ice, freezing fog and
even freezing rain (Huddersfield 2012 😨)

Have a look at the video below of the snow that fell across East London, last year, December 11th, 2022. It caused havoc for a week and impacted on Christmas Deliveries. Parcel pick ups were cancelled because of freezing roads, missed deliveries, irate customers. Meanwhile, we had friends, family and customers in other parts of the UK, who received no snow and wondered what all the fuss was about?

No-one knows exactly where localised, cold weather events may happen and if your local area is impacted, you may be faced with trying to get to work between Christmas and New Year in freezing, slippery conditions (without ice grips and other winter kit). This is when most slip and fall accidents happen. Every year ICEGRIPPER receives emails and telephone calls from customers who had an accident and wished they'd ordered their ice grips well before Christmas.

The problem with localised cold weather is that it in addition to being hard to predict, it can be enormously disruptive to the immediate community and here's why:

  • Nationally, mail and postal services take a break for Christmas. This year Royal Mails last 'guaranteed' delivery date is 18th December
  • However, even though that's a full week before Christmas Day and in theory plenty of time to deliver to you - if delivery vehicles are slowed by localised snow and ice, your parcels may get stuck in a chain, which slowly backs up - so that 'guaranteed' window becomes meaningless
  • Frustratingly, your parcel may make it to a local depot, but unable to make the 'final mile' because streets around you are iced up
  • Most years, any 'Special Delivery' or 'Guaranteed Delivery' services are suspended, so don't rely on service 'promises'
  • And, if you can manage to locate a store that sells ice grips - and get to it - you might just find they have sold out because everyone in the local area will be thinking of doing the same thing
  • You could be facing nearly two weeks of slipping and sliding before normal postal delivery is resumed

So , don't put a note in your Calendar for the 18th December - ORDER NOW

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Have you experienced localised cold weather events? How did they impact your area? We'd be pleased to receive your comments and stories. Leave your comments below, email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the links in the footer.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

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