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  • Kids Love Snow
    December 1, 2020

    Kids Love Snow

    Kids LOVE snow! Although this article focuses on ice grips for kids, I wanted to explore in more depth why kids love snow..? It seems to be an unquestionable fact that children everywhere want to experience and play in the...

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  • Ice Grips for Emergency Services and First Responders
    November 24, 2020

    Ice Grips for Emergency Services and First Responders

    ...what happens when the country experiences a very cold or prolonged winter, whether regionally or nationally? How do fire fighters stay on their feet while hosing down buildings in already icy streets? How do police officers respond to emergencies and how do ambulance staff and paramedics administer aid to patients, without injuring themselves?
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  • ICEGRIPPER Special Offers
    October 28, 2020

    ICEGRIPPER Special Offers

    At ICEGRIPPER we don't really 'DO' sales and we're not mad about the artificially created and overhyped Black Friday/Cyber Monday either. However we do have our own Special Offers section. Which features: end of line/discontinued products, items which have discontinued...

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  • My Grandad is my hero - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY
    October 24, 2020

    My Grandad is my hero - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

    My Grandad is my hero - an ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

    One of the best things about running ICEGRIPPER is receiving customer feedback on how our products have helped them. Our ice grips, boots and other winter products are modest products, but they can have a big impact on someones ability to carry on normal life when the weather does its best to stop us in our tracks!

    We looked back over our correspondence and realised we had some great feedback, stories, advice and recommendations. Most of them are interesting, some are inspiring, so we thought we should start sharing them....Here's Amanda's ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY...

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  • Kahtoola EXOspikes Launch - Free Delivery
    October 23, 2020

    Kahtoola EXOspikes Launch - Free Delivery

    From Kahtoola, the company that produces the best selling, award winning Microspikes and Nanospikes - EXOspikes footwear traction sets a new standard for versatile winter traction that delivers true cross-terrain performance for trail runners and hikers...
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