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Meet The Team

Carl Marsh

Carl Marsh, Director, ICEGRIPPER


“The best part of my job is receiving customer letters and testimonials recounting how ICEGRIPPER products helped them enjoy winter, instead of fearing it. Our products are simple and uncomplicated, but have a big impact when they are needed. It's very satisfying and rewarding knowing they can help an older person gain mobility instead of being a virtual prisoner in their own house, right through to helping an athlete maintain a winter training regime".


Carl founded ICEGRIPPER after living in the French  Alps.Having experienced several bruising falls, he realised the principles of car tyre chains could be adapted to personal footwear. It soon became apparent that there was a requirement for someone to help and advise people how to WALK, WORK,  RUN and PLAY on winter ice and snow.

Combining knowledge and experience gained through working in the IT, Retail and Hospitality sectors, Carl continues to steer ICEGRIPPER to become Europe’s foremost authority on the application of ice grips, ice cleats, shoe chains and other traction footwear accessories. This has been reinforced by practical testing of hundreds of products. The Dad of 3 great kids, he is married to Andrea and loves skiing and other winter activities.

Andrea Marsh

Andrea Marsh, Director, ICEGRIPPERWhen not being a busy mum and Director of a media   company, Andrea helps ICEGRIPPER by advising on   media, internet and other technologies.

“My main job is preventing Carl using everyone we know as Guinea Pigs for every new product that ICEGRIPPER comes across! He’d have us all sprinting across ice rinks and hurtling down ice covered slopes every 5 minutes of the day. We humour him by doing it every now and again though”