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Local Authority & Government Buyer

ICEGRIPPER supplies over 40 Local Authorities, Industrial Companies and Government Departments with winter anti slip products...

We stock one of the widest ranges of ice grips, including several heavy duty products, particularly suitable for industrial users and offer a 'one stop shop' for local authorities. Not all operatives will have the same requirements. For example a community healthcare worker, who may be making short journeys from their car to their patients homes has a very different requirement to a refuse department operative, who may be on their feet for several hours at a time.

We hold large quantities of stock in our warehouse and can ship anywhere in the UK quickly and efficiently. But most importantly we are ice grip experts. We have tested over 100 ice grips, boots and other winter products and are able to offer impartial advice to help you choose the most appropriate product - to ensure your department operatives stay safe during winter.

Reduction in ice slip and fall accidents, legal claims against local authorities and maintenance of productivity have all been anecdotaly and statistically measured, demonstrating a clear return on investment.

Call or mail us with your requirements to receive pricing and terms.