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Q: How do you ensure shipments will arrive intact? 
A: Most of ICEGRIPPERS products are robust and require minimal packaging. Shipments are packed and shipped in such a way as to ensure safe delivery, and we've chosen shippers and postal operator partners with excellent track records.
Q: How can I ensure I choose the correct sized product to correspond with my footwear size?
A: All our listings should feature a size guide on each product page. In cases where the product comes in a single size, this will be detailed in the product description. If information is missing, or you are unsure about sizing, please call or email us, we are happy to advise and can even take your order over the 'phone.
Q: Why should I order from ICEGRIPPER?
A: Having tested over 100 ice grips, shoe chains, boots and other winter products ICEGRIPPER is uniquely qualified to offer impartial advice on the best traction products for your lifestyle and leisure activities, allowing you to make an informed choice. We are a UK based, VAT registered company - we trade ethically and transparently, clearly publishing address, email and telephone numbers to allow our customers to contact us. As a family business we can be flexible and offer service, lots of larger businesses find difficult, constrained by policy and procedure. See the About Us page, which encapsulates all the advantages of ordering from ICEGRIPPER and provides more detail on our team.
Q: Do you sell products outside the UK?
A: Yes, we have customers all over Europe and are proud that we provide employment in the UK and contribute taxes and export earnings. Each day we ship orders across Europe and even further afield. If you wish to purchase an item and have it shipped to an adress outside the UK the site should allow you to do this. If you have any difficulties, please email or call us.
Q: If I have a problem with any of your products or service what should I do?
A: We pride ourselves at ICEGRIPPER on our customer focus. We work hard sourcing the best products, then deliver them on time and as promised. BUT, sometimes we make mistakes or get things wrong. All we ask is that you contact us and give us the chance to put things right  99.99% of the time we do!
Q: I represent a company or group and wish to make a bulk purchase - can you give me a better deal?
A: Our products are used by a wide range of people, both domestically and industrially. We supply over 40 Local Authorities, Industrial Companies and Government Departments. We also have strong links with clubs and groups involved in outdoor activities. If you fall into this category and your combined order comes to more than 10 products please call us on the number found at the top of the page.
Q: I'm going on an; Antarctic Cruise/Trekking Holiday/Arctic Northern Lights Viewing and my tour operator has advised I take Micro-Crampons or Ice Grips - I'm not sure what to order? 
A: ICEGRIPPER advises hundreds of customers every year, particularly in these situations - just mail us through our Contact Us page or call: 0844 272 3444 (£0.07 per minute plus network access charges) and we'll happily talk you through some options.
Q: Is it safe to order from you? I'm worried about using my credit card...
A: Good news! Your information is safe. Our website employs a technology called HTTPS to make sure that no one can steal your information. Using HTTPS, your computer and our computers agree on a "code" between them, and then they scramble the messages using that "code" so that no one in between can read them. This keeps your information safe from hackers. If you look at our website address you'll see it starts with HTTPS and features a padlock. This shows it's a safe website. You should not place orders using a card with any site that does not begin with HTTPS and features a padlock symbol.