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About Us

WALK, WORK, RUN and PLAY on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

Having lived and worked in the Alps, we've had our share of falls on icy streets...We started thinking about ways to prevent slipping on winter streets and came across a car tyre chain manufacturer, who suggested we could use the chains to create anti slip devices which could be applied to footwear - painful slips on winter ice could be avoided!

ICEGRIPPER was created and since that time we have tested over 100 ice grips, ice cleats, shoe chains, snow boots and other winter traction products. We are uniquely qualified to offer advice to ensure you choose the most appropriate ice grips and winter traction products for your lifestyle and winter leisure activities. We stock one of the broadest ranges available on one website, many from the worlds leading manufacturers. Users of our products feel reassured when walking on ice and snow and our ice grips for shoes and boots are regularly used by the emergency services, postmen, local authorities and in the oil industry. We have domestic and industrial customers across the UK and Europe and our products can be bought in both £ sterling and € euros.

We believe we have created a compelling reason for you to trust ICEGRIPPER with the supply of your winter traction and related products:

      • FREE ADVICE - we provide free, impartial advice to help you choose the correct product for your lifestyle and winter leisure activities – call the ICE GRIP Adviceline: 07966 191 737
      • CLEAR & FACTUAL - our site provides clear and factual information on all our products, many with video demonstration
      • TELEPHONE US - our contact number is on every page of our site, so you can call us if you prefer to order by telephone
      • COMPETITIVE - our prices are competitive
      • FLAT RATE POSTAGE OPTIONS - our range of postage options, offers value or speed, depending on your need and they're all flat rate. Which means no matter how much you order you only pay the amount shown, whether you order one or ten products!
      • FREE SHIPPING is automatically applied to all orders over £100
      • SIMPLE EXCHANGE - we offer simple exchange and refund policies, allowing you to return products if you choose the wrong size, or find the product is not right for your needs and you can speak with us about it - try that on Amazon!
      • FAMILY COMPANY - we are a family company of winter enthusiasts who use all our products. We love what we do and enjoy engaging with our customers, hearing your winter stories, offering advice, receiving winter tips and ensuring customers get the most out of our products.
      • FSB - we are a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, your guarantee of a genuine UK based company
Federation of Small Business Member
      • CONTACT US EASILY - see our company details on the Contact Us page. To prevent spam, email us through the form on that page. You can also contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages and follow us through our blog posts, where we regularly submit product tests, articles and other winter related information. See the footer of this page for quick links to our various channels
      • ENCOURAGE & WELCOME YOUR VIEWS ON US - we encourage customer reviews on products (and our service) to help you choose the most appropriate for your needs. Scroll to the bottom of individual products to see them
      • But most importantly, here's what our customers think about us...