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ICEGRIPPER micro crampons for organise trekking holidays

ICEGRIPPER Micro Crampons for organised trekking and adventure holidays

We recently arrived at ICEGRIPPER HQ to find a customer sat on our doorstep. The customer informed us that she desperately needed some Micro Crampons. She was booked on an organised trekking holiday in Patagonia and her flight departed in 6 hours time!

Torres del Paine National Park

This got us thinking about whether organised trekking and adventure companies require their clients to come prepared with some form of traction footwear? Our research revealed, that as our customer stated - many companies now require clients embarking on organised treks to have traction footwear protection. This not only applied to companies in the Trekking, Walking and 'Soft Adventure' space, but to Arctic and Antarctic Cruise operators too.

After welcoming our customer into ICEGRIPPER HQ, we had a brief discussion on where she was going and what the tour company had told her to expect. We looked at a couple of potential products and after trying some she settled for ICEGRIPPER RUNspikes.

This might not seem the obvious choice, but we agreed that the shorter spike length of RUNspikes offered the best all-round solution because: snow depth would be low, Patagonia is now well into Spring, ice would be patchy and she might have to walk on gravel paths for some distance between patches. The shorter 5mm spike depth would confer good traction, but not feel uncomfortable because of the low snow and ice depth. RUNspikes also allow for a greater range of movement than longer spikes products like ICEGRIPPER ACTIVspikes, which require some depth to dig into. This lessened the chance of twisting an ankle.

arctic walking - ICEGRIPPER Micro Crampons required

If you are about to embark on an organised trek to a country or destination, where the operator expects to encounter snow, and ice, it may be mandatory for you to be equipped with micro crampons? In our customer; Marie’s case, the company did not clearly communicate this to her and this is why she found herself having to sort out equipment a few hours before departure. So, check your booking terms and conditions and carefully read any suggested pack lists they send you, as some of it may be REQUIRED and not just a suggestion! If still in doubt refer to your travel companies website and even call or email them to confirm if it's mandatory to take traction devices?


The good news is that in Marie's case, she made her flight and we await reports of her adventures and the part ICEGRIPPER's products played in them.

If like Marie, you find yourself in a position where you need to get your hands on some micro crampons at VERY SHORT NOTICE, and provided you can get to our office in London, we will be more than happy to provide you with the correct products for your needs. Find us HERE


Have you been in a position where you needed emergency kit? How did the retailer or supplier deal with you? How did it make you feel? We'd love to hear your experiences. Contact us via our social channels - CLICK any of the link icons in the footer below, drop us an EMAIL via out contact page, or click the CHAT button bottom right of the page. And you can even CALL US, our number is in the header, top right of every page.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER


Torres Del Paine Photo by Samuel Chenard on Unsplash
Arctic Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

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