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Snowy UK town, couple need ice grips from ICEGRIPPER

INCOMING…❄️ 💣💨 🥶 ?

Just when we thought we had seen the worse of the UK winter, EXTREME COLD has gripped parts of Scandanvia. with some areas experiencing the lowest temperatures in 12 years...

Freezing Scandanavia -40c

❄️ According to the Swedish Met. Institute. In the past few days, the mercury dipped to minus -41.6 😮
❄️ 1,000 cars were trapped in snow for up to 14 hours on a main road in the south of the country 
❄️ The army was deployed to help stranded passengers
❄️Schools closed as the temperature was considered dangerous (even by Swedish standards!)
❄️ Finland was also hit with the cold weather and  2 people killed in an avalanche

Cold Weather forecasted to hit the UK by mid January 2023

What does this mean for the UK? Several forecasts are suggesting widespread and disruptive cold weather across the UK within a couple of weeks. We have seen what a slight change in wind direction can do e.g. the 'Beast from the East' weather event from a few years ago and also the crazy snowfall dump on Cumbria just a few weeks ago.

PREPARE NOW, order your ice grips and other cold weather gear because there's a good chance your postie might not get it to you if you wait until it starts snowing!

Have you experienced extensive cold weather events? How did they impact your area? We'd be pleased to receive your comments and stories. Leave your comments below, email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the links in the footer.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER


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