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La Niña gives way to El Niño - Prepare for Winter with ICEGRIPPER

La Niña gives way to El Niño - Prepare for Winter with ICEGRIPPER

After three consecutive years of La Niña, spring 2023 saw the return of El Niño.

During El Niño, the sea surface temperature rises, usually in the central-east equatorial Pacific.

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Although La Niña and El Niño effects were first recorded in the late 1500's, there is still uncertainty how these phonemona are caused. However, with the advent of modern weather recording techniques the impacts of both events have been increasingly well documented.

The Priestley Centre at the University of Leeds, say, “The largest effect is observed in northern Europe, where winters become drier and colder. A frosty 2023-24 winter season is likely if El Niño ramps up sufficiently by then.

Despite a greater knowledge and understanding of the broad impacts, specific effects on exact locations are still very difficult to predict. However, it might be prudent to prepare for a harsh winter, bearing in mind the broad impact of El Niño on Northern European climate patterns.
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Have you been aware of El Niño and La Niña cycles. In your experience is there a correlation between them and severe winter weather events? We'd be interested to receive your thoughts and observations. Leave a comment below, email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below.

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