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Tour Mont Blanc with ICEGRIPPER

Tour Mont Blanc with ICEGRIPPER

Did you know one of the world’s great adventure walks is right on our doorstep? The Tour Mont Blanc (TMB) is an unforgettable experience, high up on many people’s bucket lists and several ICEGRIPPER customers have recently completed it…

Mont Blanc

The TMB began as Sheperd's paths used to move herds between valleys and for trade between the populations scattered through the valleys of the region. The Tour De Mont Blanc as we know it now, was first attempted in 1767 by Horace Benedict de Saussure and companions. Today’s TMB covers a distance of roughly 170km, depending how you do it.

It circumnavigates Mont Blanc, Europes highest mountain (15,771 feet, 4,807 metres) and weaves its way through France, Italy and Switzerland. This gives walkers an opportunity to sample the delights of each country.

The Alpine Valleys of Mont Blanc

The historical mountain culture is a fascinating aside to the jaw dropping scenery. The TMB is best completed late Spring to early Autumn, with the summer months seeing peak demand. However, even in high summer full-on big-mountain storms can still descend on trekkers - after all walkers are on the highest mountain in Europe with its own micro-climate. As the season progresses into late autumn/early winter the weather can be brutal and life threatening and requires technical ability and knowledgeable local guides.

Although the trails are well organised and defined, they weave up the mountains, across high passes and into deep valleys. There are different ways to take on the tour which will affect what your route is like. Consequently, there can be a fair amount of elevation change.

Several ICEGRIPPER clients have taken Micro Crampons with them. This may be a vital bit of kit, especially if part of your route takes in the high elevation version/sections.

ICEGRIPPER client Andrea K said ICEGRIPPER ACTIVspikes…I used Activspikes in The Alps. Great grip on icy patches and very slippery, hard compressed snow. Good advice from icegripper. Will be visiting you again when I'm getting ready for ski touring.”


ICEGRIPPER client Antony B, recently awarded ICEGRIPPER RUNspikes: 5 Stars: “Great service and advice. Ran the TMB and the spikes were needed greatly for 2 of the days. Thanks again! Antony”



If you’re short of time and have less than a week, it’s possible to do a ‘best of’ version, which combines some of the finest sections into a shorter adventure. As it’s linked by transfers, it’s a little bit easier for those looking for a less intense week of walking.

There are organised and guided or self-guided tours and routes. The main consideration though is to book well ahead as there are a limited number of beds in the mountain huts/refuges. If you are walking in late Summer, you may experience the iconic Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, or UTMB. Held each year at the end of August and easily the world’s most famous trail race, UTMB is one part of the reason the TMB (walking version) has become so popular.

Contact ICEGRIPPER now for your ice grips or micro crampons. Not sure what to buy? Call, email or webchat with us. We are happy to offer advice based on our own experience of living in the French Alps.

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