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Traction on Foreign Soil - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

Traction on Foreign Soil - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

When a customer explained they were ordering our ice grips to deal with the tricky Terre Rouge found in New Caledonia - we just had to find out more! Here's Roy's ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

Kahtoola EXOspikes providing grip in New Caledonia
Roy T <> Tue, 16 Jan 2024

"My wife got a job in New Caledonia in the South Pacific. It's a 3 year contract and we have been there for 18 months.

I am a keen walker and was surprised to find that the country is covered in Terre Rouge (red earth, as it's a French island). This earth is like no other soil that I have walked on, as it is very slippy when wet and even when it is only slightly damp.  It has a very fine grain structure and compacts down to a smooth, glassy surface.

I know people who have injured themselves on very easy slopes.  I asked what other walkers and runners do to deal with this and they advised to use sticks and to put socks over the trail shoes. That wasn't a very sound solution in my mind!

I decided to try some mini crampons, or spikes; the kind normally used on ice or hard snow. No company will deliver to New Caledonia, but I found a company in Australia that could supply Kahtoola EXOspikes and got my cousin to forward them from Australia. They were so successful that I decided to buy a few while over in the UK and give them as presents to our friends."

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