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Not Just Any Old Snow Boots - ICEGRIPPER BOOTS

Not Just Any Old Snow Boots - ICEGRIPPER BOOTS

What makes ICEGRIPPER BOOTS different from any other snow boot?

All ICEGRIPPER BOOTS have some inbuilt ice gripping quality to them. So not only do you keep your feet warm and dry - you don't slip on ice and compressed snow either!

We work with a selected number of manufacturers to bring you boots that not only have enhanced ice gripping function, but boots that also look good. All our boots represent an investment which will last for many winters, making them exceptionally good value for money.

Our customers buy ICEGRIPPER BOOTS for a variety of reasons, but amongst the most common are:


Ski Trips/Holidays - having a good pair of anti slip snow boots is a must if you are going on a skiing holiday. Firstly, because you will be walking around the resort after skiing. Secondly, because you may need to mount snow chains on your car on the way up the mountain (it's mandatory in many countries) and if you've ever tried to do this in normal shoe when it's snowing, you'll know exactly how much pain is involved!

Professional Dog Walkers love ICEGRIPPER BOOTS

Dog Walking - we have a number of prefessional dog walkers, who have to take dogs out whatever the weather! A good pair of anti slip snow boots are vital if you are being pulled by several dogs. But even regular (non professional) dog owners will benefit, by being able to take their dogs on much longer walks. Dogs love being walked in the snow and their antics are so amusing and entertaining.


Postal & Logistics - being able to drive in footwear that doesn't have to be changed is a great time saver. That's why ICEGRIPPER BOOTS have become a favourite of Posties and Delivery Operators. Simply being able to quickly 'turn on' the built in anti slip device in their ICEGRIPPER BOOTS means they will stay on their feet when carrying heavy parcels across icy stretches of ground.

TV Crews and Film makers love ICEGRIPPER BOOTS

Visual Production - TV and Movie Production, Documentary filming and News Production are all time consuming activities, entailing hours of standing around. In winter when the ground is cold; news crews, reporters, camera operators and even actors can get very cold and damp feet and if filming in snowy and icy conditions it's even more tricky due to the risk of slipping. That's why ICEGRIPPER BOOTS are a favourite with these professionals.


Want to know more about ICEGRIPPER BOOTS? We'd be pleased to receive your enquiry. Email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

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Phill - August 24, 2023

Bought these (ICEGRIPPER Boots) for a trip to Norway. They are very warm and they gripped the snow and ice very well. They gave me the confidence to walk normally in icy conditions. Temperatures were down to -15C and I always felt warm, which was not the case with my “normal” walking boots. The surface I walked on varied from compact snow to solid ice. Managed to slip only once and that was when I spun around on my heel to look at something. Can’t say how they would perform on steep slopes in very icy conditions but they worked extremely well for walking around the streets of some very snowy towns. Service and advice from Carl at ICEGRIPPER was excellent, including the no quibble price match which saved me close to £30 on the cost.

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