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Choosing Your Kahtoola Gaiters with ICEGRIPPER

Choosing Your Kahtoola Gaiters with ICEGRIPPER

Snow, water, dirt and pebbles have a way of sneaking into even the most waterproof of boots. To prevent this, put on some Kahtoola Gaiters.

TALL Kahtoola Gaiters from ICEGRIPPER

Gaiters cover the vulnerable tops of your footwear to fully protect your feet from the elements. And with warming climates, even Northern walking destinations like Scotland have increased risks of ticks looking to get inside your boots or up your trousers!

How to Choose and Use Kahtoola Gaiters
Gaiter shopping is not complicated, especially with our choice of Kahtoola Gaiters. This article will help you choose the right ones based on the kind of trip you have planned, what conditions you’re likely to encounter and what features you need. It also includes tips for putting Gaiters on correctly and getting the best performance out of your Gaiters.

Kahtoola Instagaiter ffrom ICEGRIPPER

When To Use Gaiters
All Gaiters have the same basic purpose - to keep stuff out of your boots. Kahtoola Gaiter design has focused on doing just that, whilst also making it easy to select the best Gaiter for your needs. Which, depends on the kinds of trips you have planned and the weather and trail conditions you expect...

  • Hiking: Gaiters for hiking are typically lightweight and breathable, and offer basic protection against rocks, grit and light rain while on mild-weather excursions. But sometimes you might need full waterproof protection against rain and snow. Hiking gaiters are often used for everything from short day hikes to multiday backpacking trips.
  • Non Technical Mountaineering/Trekking: Gaiters for mountaineering usually need to provide heavy-duty protection for harsher conditions. With waterproof, breathable fabric for protection against rain and snow.
  • Trail Running: Gaiters for trail running are usually very lightweight and compact. Their main purpose is to keep debris out of your shoes while you’re on the trail. They are typically not waterproof. Some 'Ultralight Hikers' who wear trail-running shoes will also use these gaiters.
  • As you narrow your focus on a type of gaiter, remember that there is overlap between the different types. For example, TALL mountaineering gaiters can be used for hiking, and as noted above Ulralight Hikers may use LOW Gaiters. Rather than being too prescriptive make a judgement on what you're doing, where you’re going and what conditions you expect to encounter. Also, the use of gaiters is NOT limited to hiking, mountaineering and trail running. They can be used at any time of year, for example keeping seeds out of your socks in high summer, or preventing ticks and other nasties getting in your boots or socks.

Gaiter Height & Sizing
HEIGHT: The appropriate gaiter height depends mostly on how much protection you need. Generally, for use in snow or when you’re heading off trail, you’ll want a taller gaiter for more coverage. Shorter gaiters are good for trail running and light hiking. Kahtoola Gaiters come in three heights...

  • LOW: Kahtoola LOW gaiters are primarily designed for trail-running or summertime hiking where the goal is to keep pebbles and other trail debris out of your shoes and boots. The height works best on Trainers, Trail Shoes and low cut, light Boots.
  • MID: Kahtoola MID Gaiters are best for wearing with Hiking Boots. Keeping trail debris and wetness out of your boots.
  • TALL: Designed for rugged conditions such as hiking through snow and wet brush or in bad weather.
Easy to follow Gaiter Size Guides at ICEGRIPPER

SIZING: Getting the right size Gaiter is straightforward with our Kahtoola range. All Kahtoola Gaiters feature an easy-to-follow size guide, right on the page, next to the product images. Your primary goal when sizing gaiters is to achieve the best possible seal around your boots/shoes to keep debris out. When trying gaiters on, do so with the boots or shoes you plan to wear them with.

Gaiter Features
All Kahtoola Gaiters have some or all of these features…

  • Waterproof: Gaiters for demanding conditions are typically made with a waterproof, breathable material to keep moisture from rain, snow and ice out of your boots. If you’ll be tramping through wet or snowy conditions, look for waterproof gaiters.
  • Insects: Increasingly our customers are buying Gaiters to keep ticks and other biting insects away
  • Abrasion-Resistant: Some Kahtoola Gaiters include rugged abrasion-resistant fittings designed to withstand the abrasion of ice, rocks and the occasional nick from crampons or ice grip points.
  • Soft Shell Fabric: Offers flexibility and stretch as well as excellent weather protection.
  • Reliable Zip & Entry System: All Kahtoola Gaiters feature easy entry and heavy duty zips to ensure great fitting and optimum protection.
  • Toggles: Elasticized drawcords and toggles mean gaps are reduced, better fit, better protection.
  • Instep Straps: These secure the lower edge of your gaiters around your boots’ insteps. All Kahtoola Gaiters feature an adjustable DuraLink™ instep strap with a 1000-mile warranty.
  • Lace Hooks: Let you attach your boot laces to your gaiters for added security.

How to Put Gaiters On
Our Kahtoola Gaiters are really quick and easy to put on, have a look at our video…

If you are planning to use your Gaiters with ice grips, check ICEGRIPPER ACTIVspikes (for winter hiking & trekking), or ICEGRIPPER RUNspikes (for winter running). Did you subscribe to our mailing list? We feature discounts for combined purchases of Ice Grips with Gaiters – subscribe here

Have you used our Kahtoola Gaiters yet? Your feedback would be really appreciated. Let us know where you used them and how they performed? Contact us via our social channels - CLICK any of the link icons in the footer below, drop us an EMAIL via out contact page, or click the CHAT button bottom right of the page. And you can even CALL US, our number is in the header, top right of every page.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER


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Sand Gaiters - October 25, 2023

I wore the gaiters for trekking in the Sahara Desert. They were absolutely brilliant. Not a grain of sand got through. Easy to use thanks to the zip, once on, no need to mess about putting them on and off. You can simply use the zip to access your laces to take walking boots off at the end of the day. Definitely worth the money, cheaper versions were not effective as mine on the trek.

Bryn L - September 25, 2023

Great Service…

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