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Fancy Skiing on 1st September 2023? Head South

Fancy Skiing on 1st September 2023? Head South

Officially, as this is being written (Friday 1st September) the UK is now in Autumn. 

According to the meteorological calendar, the first day of Autumn always falls on September 1. Despite it now being Autumn, the UK is basking in relatively warm (albeit wet) weather, with highs of 22C in various parts of the country.

Skiing in Chile with ICEGRIPPERSo, if you want snow look South!

Argentinian and Chilean ski areas are seeing the benefit of a huge multi-day snowstorm that ended last weekend after depositing up to 4 metres of snow on higher slopes.

New Zealand has had weeks of mostly cool and sunny weather after a mid-August dump. So slopes are open and bases are the best of the season to date.

Australia, meanwhile has suffered a disastrous ski season where warm temperatures and rain have led to a second ski area calling it a day on the 2023 season.

Here in the northern hemisphere, anticipation for the 23-24 season is building following cooler weather and a small amount of snowfall up high, in the Alps and Pyrenees, despite record warm temperatures in recent weeks. Social media has been busy with images and videos of summer snowfalls. Some Glacier ski areas are due to start opening in just three weeks and snowmaking should be getting underway on the highest ski slopes in North America by late September too.

Portillo in Chile one of the best ski areas in South AmericaSo, if you are lucky enough to be able to jet off to Chile, head for Portillo, which reports the biggest dump and becomes the first area in South America to post a 2m+ base.

However before you excitedly board your flight make sure you have packed some good quality Ice Grips from ICEGRIPPER. Alternatively you may want to purchase a pair of ICEGRIPPER BOOTS with built in OC anti slip, ice gripping cleats.

Never having ski'd in Chile we're not sure how far the walk is from your hotel to the lifts, so you might also want to pack some anti slip Ski Boot Protectors.

Not just any old snow boots...ICEGRIPPER BootsAlternatively head for Argentina, where Las Lenas saw the biggest reported snowfall of 4 metres (although that is an unconfirmed official stat). The country's largest resort, Catedral near Bariloche, has reported over 100km of slopes open for the first time this season, and the first time any ski area in the world has had over 100km of slopes open since May.

If you have been lucky enough to ski or snowboard in South America, drop us a line. We'd love to know what you thought about it and how it compares to the Alps. Let us know via our social channels - see the links below. Or drop us an email via our contact page.

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