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ICEGRIPPER Provides 200 Pairs of Free Ice Grips to its Subscribers 😀

ICEGRIPPER Provides 200 Pairs of Free Ice Grips to its Subscribers 😀

Let’s face it 2020 has been a bit bleak…so ICEGRIPPER wanted to spread a bit of good cheer and love in the run up to Christmas.

We inherited 200 pairs of Small ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip as part of a stock liquidation – so we decided to give them away FREE OF CHARGE to our lovely subscribers.

FREE ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip from ICEGRIPPER

After we had sent out the email we got quite a few emails and phone calls asking if it was a hoax! These quickly turned to delight once they were reassued it was genuine.

Apart from the joy of being able to share some love with our subscribers, the feedback we received was uplifting:

"Thank you for the chance to get such a bargain. Just so you know I do show off and recommend the icegrippers we already have to people. So hopefully this benefits your business. Great product, and no more nasty falls in wintery weather.
Thanks". Linda W

"Many thanks for this great offer! It is very generous of you. Regards". Paul S

"Thank you in turn for what is always a helpful and friendly service". Debbie P

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Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER



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