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We all have our hero’s and when yours is your Grandad, it’s tough to see him disabled by winter weather.

Receiving customer feedback and hearing how ICEGRIPPER products have helped them is music to our ears. Our ice grips, boots and other winter products are modest products, but they can have a big impact on someone's ability to carry on normal life - when the weather does its best to throw a spoke in the works!

Amanda's ICEGRIPPER Customer Story





Amanda <> Sat, 10 Feb 2018, 19:12

"Hi, Sorry! Busy Lady! I’m currently working away in Prague...

To say my Grandad is my hero would be an understatement, he’s my odd job man, dog walker and best hug giver I know. So imagine when I learnt during my ski holiday earlier this year that he was currently in A&E having his back examined because he had slipped and fallen on ice whilst walking MY dog - I was devastated!

dog walking with ice grips from ICEGRIPPERAs my Grandad frequently walks my dog due to my busy work and social schedule, I knew I had to turn to the experts for the best advice as to how to keep him safe in the future. 

 A walking friend of mine recommended the ICEGRIPPER website and whilst I found a few different options I decided to call for advice as to which product would best put my mind at ease and give my Grandad the confidence again to enjoy his new found (not at all forced!) hobby. 

The sales person I spoke to (Carl) was very informative not to mention friendly and approachable. He made a recommendation instantly: which gave me full confidence to order the product straight away. I was assured the product would be dispatched first thing Monday morning and would arrive imminently. I wasn’t disappointed.

My Grandad has since enjoyed many icy walks with my (but also his) best friend (my dog) and he can’t be any happier with his new, but now worn in ice grips.

Thank you once again for all your help, Amanda."

Do you have a hero - and why? Let us know your story...

ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY was started several years ago, after talking to a customer and finding the application of our product was alternative, unique and interesting. If you have a story you'd like us to feature - just email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below. We like send a little thank you, so enclose your email address or telephone number.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

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