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Nearly 40% of Brits caught out by winter weather

Nearly 40% of Brits caught out by winter weather

Nearly 40% of people living in Britain have been caught out by severe winter weather, according to the latest research conducted by the Met Office....The research shows that of those who had been impacted by severe weather, over a third said they were caught out due to a lack of preparation.

The Met Office conducted a survey of over 2000 adults across Britain to assess how prepared the public feels for winter weather and some of the most common impacts included over half of people having activities impacted, almost a quarter having dealt with power cuts and 19% who experienced a broken boiler.

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The survey comes as the Met Office launches its winter #WeatherReady campaign, aiming to help the public to be prepared ahead of potential severe weather. Supported by Cabinet Office, WeatherReady brings together expert advice on travel, protecting property and looking after health and wellbeing to help the public stay prepared for any weather.

For many years ICEGRIPPER has been communicating the message about the importance of ice grips as part of winter preparedness. If you can't stand up securely because of slippery underfoot conditions, you can't help yourself or others!

Despite this basic fact many local authorities, government departments and motoring organisations forget to advise members of the public to plan ahead and buy a pair of ice grips and keep them to hand. 

ICEGRIPPER has quality ice grips from under £10 and offers a broad range of winter traction information and advice.


Do you have any experiences of not being able to maintain traction on winter surfaces? How did it make you feel? How did it affect you? We'd welcome your anecdotes and stories. Email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below.

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WeatherReady by the Met Office

Based on an original article: Met Office (Press Office) Tue 14 Sep 2021







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