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Walking Dogs in Snow with ICEGRIPPER

Walking Dogs in Snow with ICEGRIPPER

Walking Dogs in the SnowWalking a Dog in Snow
Walking your dog in the snow is great fun, winter can be a lovely time of the year and most dogs love the snow. They get very excited by their first snowy walk and their reaction to it is often very entertaining.

But it's important to stay safe when walking your dog on a lead in the snow. It can be both challenging and hazardous if you are unprepared. If you want to keep you and your pooch safe, here are some handy tips and things to remember..?

Wear ice grips
Yaktrax Diamond Grip from ICEGRIPPER

You need to make sure you have adequate grip when walking your dog in the snow, especially when its compressed or icy. Even a small dog on a lead can pull an owner over on an icy path. Remember your dog has '4 foot drive' with natural ice grips called 'claws'. Whereas you've only got the soles of your footwear! You can prevent this quite cheaply with a pair of ice grips which slip over your footwear or go for an all in one winter boot with built in ice grips.


Wear winter boots
Once it starts snowing or becomes icy, normal footwear isn't always adequate. Finding yourself with cold, wet feet after a short period of time ruins your walks. So switch to a pair of walking boots or snow boots. They'll protect your feet from getting wet and cold and you might need the higher 'cut' to prevent snow getting in. However you might still need ice grips, depending how slick the conditions are, and the effectiveness of your soles? So if you are looking at investing in a new pair of winter boots consider ICEGRIPPER Boots with built in anti slip OC system.



Trim your dogs claws
Dogs have natural ice grips - called claws! But make sure your dog’s nails are cut short enough. If they are too long your dog will be more likely to slip or catch them on something. They will have more grip with freshly cut nails.


Don’t trim hair under paw pads too short
Be careful not to trim the hair between your dog’s paw pads too short. Dogs need a bit of hair here as it helps protect their feet from the ice and snow. It’s also important that the hair isn’t too long and matted as it will attract clumps of snow which will be painful.

Consider using a paw pad balm?
Consider using a protective paw pad balm to nourish and form a barrier between your dog’s paw pads and the snow. However, some paw pad balm can be slippery and should only be applied after walks to soothe paw pads. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

Get your dog some snow shoes
If it's exceptionally cold you can get special snow booties for dogs that help to protect their paws. These special shoes for dogs are particularly useful in the snow and will keep your dog’s feet warm. But probably only needed for long periods of sub-zero temperatures?

Avoid deep, untouched snow?
Try not to walk your dog in deep, untouched snow. You don’t know what might be underneath, and you or your dog could get injured on an object hidden beneath the thick sheet of snow. Many dogs get injured by leaping into ditches filled with snow as a result of an owner throwing a stick or ball. Stick to main paths and areas where people have already walked.

Other things to consider?

  • Don’t overdo it – staying out too long or pushing yourself too far in the snow is risky for both you and your dog
  • Don’t let your dog eat snow – it could contain traces of de-icer which is poisonous to dogs.
  • Buy a dog coat/jumper – to keep your dog nice and warm and protect them from the cold, especially for small breeds with bellies low to the ground.
  • Have towels ready – so that when you get back you can dry your dog quickly and easily.
  • Stay hydrated – make sure you and your dog are adequately hydrated on longer walks

Do you have any other useful tips on walking dogs in the snow? We love to hear your winter stories. Email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below. 

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER



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