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ICESPIKE is a semi-permanent traction system installed directly onto the sole of any winter footwear, yet can be removed and will not damage the integrity of the sole. The ICESPIKE package includes an applicator, 32 icespikes manufactured from cold rolled, tool hardened steel and installation instructions. 'Winterize' any pair of rubber soled running shoes, hiking boots, wellingtons or snow boots, into awesome ice traction footwear.

  • SIMPLE! No straps, no coils, no chains, no bulky attachments. Any footwear can be quickly and easily ‘winterized’ with semi-permanent ICESPIKE
  • EFFECTIVE! Achieve outstanding traction on glass ice, snow, slush, slippery leaf mould, mud, grass. ICESPIKE won’t shift, break, fall off, get lost or left behind
  • LIGHTWEIGHT! Adds no additional weight, won’t affect gait, cause muscle fatigue, or injury
  • DURABLE! ICESPIKE is a specifically engineered design for extreme traction on ice and snow
  • VALUE! Don't throw away your old boots or wellies - apply ICESPIKE and you've got anti slip footwear, all ready to tackle the ice and snow

Soon after ICESPIKE was launched it was quickly adopted by Runners, who realised that the simplicity, durability and lightweight effectiveness of ICESPIKE perfectly met their needs. ICESPIKE adds no weight to the legs and does not affect gait. Unlike pull on ice grips with coils or studs - ICESPIKE does not slip and is ready to go at any time. It has now been discovered by a whole host of users...

  • Walkers, Hikers and Trekkers
    ICESPIKE is not limited to icy conditions or seasons; wearers can navigate slick situations at any time of year, such as wet, mossy, muddy, rocky and root-bound trails with confidence.
  • Dog Walkers
    ICESPIKE can be installed on a pair of wellingtons or walking boots and simply left by the door ready for walking time.
  • The Elderly
    Once installed, shoes and boots are always ready. This is particularly important for senior citizens, who often have difficulty putting on and removing strap-on and pull on devices, especially if they have Arthritic hands, fingers and wrists.
  • Horse & Stable Yard Workers
    Have become big fans of ICESPIKE because they can quickly be fitted to muck boots and riding boots, providing traction in the stable yard and out in the fields. Whilst allowing the rider to put their feet into stirrups, which if wearing a pull on traction product, would be difficult.
  • Outdoor Workers
    Highways Maintenance Operatives, or a Refuse Collector may cover many miles per day and transition between ice, slush, snow, dry pavement and back to ice again. ICESPIKE can be installed on work boots and in addition to being more convenient is often much longer lasting than plastic pull on devices
  • Anglers & Fishermen
    Slippery, slimy slipways on riverbanks, dams and lakes,  mossy rocks and riverbeds - install ICESPIKE on waders to provide traction
  • Ice Hockey Trainers and Arena Ice Workers
    We have supplied ICESPIKE to several Ice Arenas for resident hockey team trainers (who often wear trainers on the ice and need traction), temporary seasonal ice rinks and permanent ice rinks for maintenance staff
  • Runners
    ICESPIKE is used by Leisure, Trail, Adventure and Ultra Runners. ICESPIKE makes regular appearance at the Polar Circle Marathon and is regularly ordered by both competitive and leisure runners to assist in winter training maintenance
  • Spike material: cold rolled tool steel
  • Pack size: 150mm x 30mm x 270mm
  • Pack Weight 200g
  • Pack contains: precision applicator, 32 spikes and installation instructions

    Hear what ICEGRIPPER customers say about ICESPIKE:
    "I put the icespikes into the bottom of an old pair of trainers and hey presto I had myself a dedicated pair of ice running trainers! They feel as comfortable as wearing my normal trainers on the road, no extra weight or discomfort. Applying the spikes was easy to do and when I finished the 45 min run they were all still intact and in place".
    Phil Wicks, Team GB Distance Runner

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