ICEtrekkers Chains - Classic Shoe Chain

by Icegripper


ICEtrekkers Chains are a classic "shoe chain" ice grip - one of the simplest, but most reliable methods of achieving better traction on hard, packed, crusty snow and icy surfaces.
ICEtrekkers Chains are made of case hardened steel, attached to the rubber sling by steel rivets. No part of the sling touches the ground. This means ICEtrekkers Chains are incredibly strong, long lasting and they stay on your feet. Ideal for industrial as well as domestic use. In our opinion they are probably the best engineered shoe chain on the market, representing very good value for money for an investment of under £20


  • Twisted link design for effective traction on packed and crusty snow
  • Durable case hardened welded links
  • Sturdy rubber sling stays securely on footwear without the need for straps
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Durable & affordable traction
  • Easy ON & OFF
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • For use with a variety of footwear, but best on boots
  • Most effective traction on ice and snow laying on flat ground - for very icy, hilly terrain we recommend  ICEtekkers Diamond Grip
  • Pack size: 120mm x 60mm x 180mm
  • Pack Weight (Medium) 290g
  • 4 x sizes: small, medium, large, extra large (see size guide)
    • Postmen and other outdoor workers based in city and suburban areas, as the chains do not feel awkward underfoot as they transition between snow, icy patches and cleared patches of pavement
    • Dog walkers
    • Local authority workers e.g. traffic wardens, area management, leisure operatives, community healthcare workers
    • Favoured by home delivery workers who may be making quick, frequent deliveries because they do not have to keep taking them on and off and wear them whilst driving
    • Frequently ordered by car drivers venturing to the Alps, where car snow chains are mandatory - if you have ever had to put snow chains on your car in a snow storm, then you'll know why its vital to keep a pair of these 'shoe chains' in the glove box


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