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NEOS Navigator STABILicers, Slip Resistant Waterproof Overshoes


NEOS Navigator STABILicers are a waterproof OVERSHOE, offering aggressive cleats and tread, as well as being windproof and waterproof. The overshoe is designed to provide traction on ice and snow, whilst protecting your shoes or boots.

No need to take your footwear off - just pull them on over your shoes, trainers or boots. The extra warmth created by the added 'layer' of the overshoe has made them very popular with arctic and antarctic expeditions, emergency call-out crews, wildlife film and TV crews and Scottish Postmen.

NEOS Navigator STABILicers are for the serious outdoor worker, walker or explorer!

NEOS Navigator STABILicers Overshoes are equipped with an expandable gator that quickly adds five more inches of coverage at the top for use in deep snow, being windproof and waterproof and with superb insulation they’re ideal for working outdoors on ice, in deep snow, or just cold, wet conditions. Surprisingly lightweight, these compact winter overshoes feature a durable windproof and waterproof woven polyester upper, which protects your expensive work boots and shoes from salt stains, mud and slush. Meanwhile, the STABILicers outsole comes with 32 replaceable steel cleats embedded in each pair, providing excellent traction on ice and snow. Whether you’re braving the elements on the job or on a wilderness trek, NEOS Navigator STABILicers OVERSHOES are all that you need.


  • Deep Snow Coverage - built-in expandable gaiter increases coverage from 15 to 20 inches for extra protection in deep snow conditions
  • Maximum Warmth - 4 mm PU foam insulation and 2.5 mm PU inner bootie deliver a comfort rating of -29 °C for maximum warmth in extreme winter conditions
  • Maximum Traction - STABILicers outsoles with 32 replaceable cleats provide maximum traction on ice and snow. Cleat wrench stows safely in an internal pocket for handy on-the-job changes
  • Water and Windproof - Rugged 840 woven polyester upper is water and windproof to protect your footwear from the elements
  • Secure Fit - hook and loop strap system combine with an inner bootie for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight Construction – light weight helps to prevent foot and leg fatigue, with no bulky material to slow you down
  • Includes a cleat wrench to swap new cleats/studs and stored in a handy internal pocket
  • Colour: Black/Grey
  • Box Size: 350 x 290 x 210 mm
  • Weight per Pair: L=1700g, XL=1980g, XXL=2150g, XXXL=2750g
  • Size Range: XS to XXXL, see available sizes above and size guide in images
  • Your size not showing? Call, email or message us - we may be able to order for you?


  • Dog walkers, both domestic and professional
  • Serious winter walkers
  • Antarctic and Arctic cruise and trek holidays
  • Ski holidays
  • Glacier Walks
  • Arctic and Antarctic holidays/expeditions


  • Emergency services
  • Local authority emergency call out crews
  • Highways maintenance and management
  • Wildlife film crews
  • TV news crews
  • Postmen & couriers operating in rural and remote areas
  • Industrial plant and oil exploration operatives
  • Farmers, forestry managers and outdoor agricultural workers
  • Construction Site Managers, Surveyors, Architects
  • Mining operatives
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Long distance lorry drivers (especially Scotland and eastern EU)
  • Equestrian management
  • Dog Sledding and other mountain sports
  • Low to Mid altitude trekking guides


  • Fitting - NEOS are an OVERSHOE, worn over your regular footwear. So you have to measure the sole of the footwear you wish to use, to ensure it fits inside. See the size guide instructions in the images. If you are unsure or require additional assistance, please call us on the telephone number at the top of the page.
  • Optional Product Additions - Replacement Steel Cleats - keep your NEOS in tip top conditions
  • Optional Product Additions - EVA Insole for additional insulation


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