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Olang Centauro OC Snow Boots for Men

SKU S 1570

Olang Centauro is the quintessential men's snow boot - perfect for outdoor activities and pursuits during winter months. The rugged hydro repellent York leather upper has a high quality look and feel.

Featuring a deep tread sole unit providing excellent grip on: icy, snowy, wet or loose terrain. Centauro also has the OC System. A fold-out steel cleat system in the heel and sole that is designed to be used for extra grip on packed ice. Providing extra protection and sure footing even on slick, glare ice. Centauro has been tested in temperatures down to  -20°C, providing warmth and protection, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Olang Centauro is a premium, performance winter snow boot - you won't need anything else this winter!


  • Men's Snow Boot with OC anti-slip system, Sizes: 40 - 47
  • Colours: Tan
  • Rugged hydro repellent York leather upper
  • Virgin wool and aluminium removable fleece liner (washable)
  • Wide gussetted opning when unlaced for quick on and off
  • Temperature rated to -20°C
  • Fitted with OC anti-slip system for grip - even on glare ice!
  • Weight per pair: 2300g (based on size 43)
  • Box size: 450mm x 350mm x 140mm
  • Sizes 40-47 - before ordering - see the fitting guide below in Additional Information


  • Consumers requiring a robust snow boot with bult in ice grips
  • Ski resort operatives
  • Arctic and Antarctic tours
  • Winter emergency call-out crews
  • Wildlife film crews
  • TV news crews
  • Postmen & couriers operating in rural and remote areas
  • Surveyors and Engineers



ICEGRIPPER personally tested Olang Centauro in the Alps and loved them! We think we can advise you better than anyone else on Olang Centauro and want you to buy them from us. So we are offering to price match against any other UK website (except Amazon and Ebay) on a like for like basis. If you see our product models on any other UK website for a lower price, mail or call and tell us - we'll match the price and send you a FREE GIFT with your purchase!


Claculate your Mondopoint at ICEGRIPPER

Olang Centauro OC boots contain a deliciously warm, virgin wool liner. Upon receipt of your boots the liner is still 'fluffy' and uncompressed. This can make the boots feel smaller and tighter than they actually are. The boot soles and footbeds are manufactured to a high degree of accuracy using a Mondopint Sizing. This is a sizing calculated on the length between the tip of the Big toe to the back of the Heel. It's a an accurate sizing system used for other performance footwear such as ski boots.

To prevent unnecessary returns It's recommended you don't just rely on your shoe sizing, but also do a Mondopoint measurement by drawing around your foot with a pencil, then measure from the tip of the big toe to the heel. This is your Mondopoint measurement. Choose the Olang Centauro size that matches your Mondopint. For example if your Mondopoint measurement is 28.5 (cms), or a couple of millimetres less that equates to Size 43. If your measurement is a couple of millimetres more choose the next size up...If you are not sure - just give us a call!

Size  = Mondopint (MP)
40 = 26.5
41 = 27.5
42 = 28
43 = 28.5
44 = 29.5
45 = 30
46 = 30.5
47 = 31.5

Olang Centauro boots are so well made they'll probably last you a lifetime! So, if the OC fittings break and you need to replace them, just give us a call or email us. Prices start from £37.50 and include a heel and sole replacement set. This price also includes FREE SHIPPING to any mainland UK address.


All our UK postage options are ‘flat fee’. Whether you are ordering one or several products, you only pay a single postage charge - the more you order, the better value!



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