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Been trying to buy a pair of Golf Wellies for years - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

Been trying to buy a pair of Golf Wellies for years - ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY

We've written before about the way some of our products have been unusually applied to address our customers' problems. This one demonstrated, yet again, the creativity and ingenuity of our customers.


Chris Cook <> Sat, 11 Feb 2017, 08:20

"For some years I’ve been trying to buy a pair of Golf Wellies (Chris plays 'Winter Golf', when it's often snowy, slushy, muddy...). They are quite hard to find and nothing was available except safety boots.

ICEGRIPPER ICESPIKE solves Winter Golfers traction problemRecently I searched on Google and got a link to ICEGRIPPER and thought it would be worth trying the ICESPIKE. So I ordered some and fitted them in to my own Wellies, see picture attached...

Fantastic! I’ve played in slushy deep mud and packed ice with a firm grip at all times. No slipping, dry feet and clean trousers at the end.

A long term solution and highly recommended. I’ve ordered another set to put in to my comfortable trainers for summer golfing!

Best wishes and thanks for a great product, Chris"

Do you have an unusual story..?

ICEGRIPPER CUSTOMER STORY was started several years ago, after talking to a customer and finding the application of our product was alternative, unique and interesting. If you have a story you'd like us to feature - just email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below. We like send a little thank you, so enclose your email address or telephone number.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

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