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Seven unexpected uses for ICEGRIPPERS

Seven unexpected uses for ICEGRIPPERS

Anglers at Grafham Water order ice grips from ICEGRIPPER...

Parents walking their kids to school, office workers heading to their workplace and older citizens looking for a safe way to get to the shops. These are a few of the customers that we expected would use ICEGRIPPER's products. Being based in the UK, we also imagined that most of our trade would be “at home” and in the winter.

But you never can tell where a business will take you – and ours has gone worldwide and to many unexpected customers...

Here we bring you seven of the more unexpected requests for ICEGRIPPER products

Circus Oz use ICESPIKE from ICEGRIPPER 1. Circus Acts in Mexico FlameOz is a spectacular circus flame throwing act. They were asked by an ice skating touring company to perform a bespoke choreography routine on ice rinks, across MEXICO! The performance was to be a fast-paced and synchronised dance-style act yet on a surface created for maximum slide. So they needed something on their footwear to make things a little less slidey and a lot more precise. An on-line search brought them to ICEGRIPPER. We have been able to supply exactly the right grip for the ice rink performers.

Dancing on Ice used traction products from ICEGRIPPER 2. ITV Dancing on Ice When you watch TV’s Dancing on Ice you most likely only consider the ice skaters and their performance on skates. But what about the camera crews, technical staff and other non-skating personnel who need to remain upright and steady during their part of the show’s filming? ICEGRIPPER ice cleats came to the rescue this time!

3. Meat Packing Plant in Brazil Meat packing plants require temperatures to be low. And in the cold store they need to be kept below zero. But, of course, this means that there is often a lot of ice about on the floor. ICEGRIPPER were able to supply pull-on ice grips for staff so that they could stay upright and work safely in such tricky conditions.

4. Airport Operations in Arctic Greenland This airport only has a few weeks each year when it is NOT under snow or ice and operating in sub-zero conditions. So most of the staff require an addition to their ordinary footwear to ensure that they can work efficiently and without fear of slipping over. Again, ICEGRIPPER were approached for their specialist ice gripping footwear products.

5. US Military Digging out a town in Alaska Alaskan National Guard Soldiers were involved in an operation in the town of Cordova after the community was engulfed by snow in January 2012. ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip from ICEGRIPPER were as important as the snow shovels and formed part of the rescue kit. Have a look at the video, where you can see the Guardsmen wearing Diamond Grip over their Arctic snow boots:

6. Forestry Operators Kahtoola MICROspikes offered the prefect solution for forestry workers who were faced with steep sided and muddy banks while working in spring and autumn. ICEGRIPPER products aren’t just for the winter ice and snow but work really well in wet and muddy conditions, too.

7. Anglers at Grafham Water How about using ice grips on the bottom of your wader boots? The perfect way to prevent slipping over on slimy slipways. ICEGRIPPER have an increasing band of anglers at Rutland and Grafham Water who order ice grips to ensure they land the big one, without having to join the fish in the water.

So, as you can see, ICEGRIPPER products are being used all over the world in all manner of fantastic places. We have tested more than 100 ice grips, ice cleats, snow chains and other winter traction products. We are uniquely qualified to advise you on the correct products to prevent you from slipping on snow and ice, whether for general domestic activities, industrial use, or to support your winter leisure activities. Call the Ice Grip Adviceline on: 0333 577 6322

If you have any unusual uses for ice grips, let us know... We love to hear your stories and see your photo's - share them with us by posting on our socials (see links below), or email us via to the contact page.

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICEGRIPPER

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