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  • ICEGRIPPER supplied ice grips for Huntsmans Winter War
    December 6, 2019


    You're in the local cinema watching the latest action movie and there's a winter get the 'magic' on the screen there's an army of people with all sorts of wonderful kit and it's not just cameras and lights. ICEGRIPPER has been called upon several times to help with various movies and entertainment productions...
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  • Seven unexpected uses for ICEGRIPPERS
    October 6, 2018

    Seven unexpected uses for ICEGRIPPERS

    Parents walking their kids to school, office workers heading to their workplace and older citizens looking for a safe way to get to the shops. These are a few of the customers that we expected would use ICEGRIPPER's products. Being based in the UK, we also imagined that most of our trade would be “at home” and in the winter.
    But you never can tell where a business will take you – and ours has gone worldwide and to many unexpected customers...
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