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BREXIT? ICEGRIPPER stays Internationally Focused

BREXIT? ICEGRIPPER stays Internationally Focused

Despite being a modest, family run, UK company, ICEGRIPPER has always had an international focus. We wrote about serving international customers in our blog

So, when we were approached by ExpertentTesten a German based review site we were happy to speak with them, tell them about our experiences and share some of our stories.

ICEGRIPPER MittelstandAt ICEGRIPPER we have always been an admirer of the ‘Mittelstand’. This is Germany’s business engine room of about 3.6 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), who between them employ the majority of the country’s workforce, enjoying robust growth and loyal staff.

ICEGRIPPER in the EUIt also made us reflect on the protracted BREXIT process and what it actually means for a company such as ours? Like Germany, the UK has many small, private family businesses, who specialise in certain sectors. Will their continued growth and success come from grasping opportunities created by the new trading environment outside of the EU Bloc?

For a small business, trading globally is a nice idea, but the costs and complexity can be of a different order than shipping goods across the channel to Europe. Sending goods to Asia, South America and Africa requires much more time and diligence. But, what about the additional administration and increased costs of BREXIT. Can they be neutralised by finding new ways to trade with our EU neighbours?

With this challenge in mind and on the back of the interview with ExpertenTesten, ICEGRIPPER is committed to serve German and other EU customers by translating our website into several key languages. However, with limited budget, manpower and experience, it is proving to be quite a challenge. Not least keeping the technical aspects of an e-commerce website stable, when it is operating with several languages on it!

You can read ExpertenTesten’s excellent review of ICEGRIPPER and lots of other interesting companies at:


Are you a small, family run company in the UK? How do you see the future trading with the EU? How are you overcoming increased administration and costs? Are you a small EU company looking at maintaining or increasing trade with the UK? We'd be pleased to receive your comments and feedback. Email us, or contact us through any of our social media sites, see the clickable links in the footer below.

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