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United Nations International Mountain Day 11th December 2022

United Nations International Mountain Day 11th December 2022

The ICEGRIPPER crew love visiting the mountains and lots of our products are sold to customers who do the same. BUT, there's a problem...mountains are under threat from climate change and overexploitation.

The theme of this year's United Nations International Mountain Day (IMD) on 11 December 2022 will be 'Women Move Mountains'.

Mountains and fertile plains

Women play a key role in mountains' environmental protection and social and economic development. They are often the primary managers of mountain resources, guardians of biodiversity, keepers of traditional knowledge, custodians of local culture, and experts in traditional medicine.

Increasing climate variability, coupled with a lack of investment in mountain agriculture and rural development, has often pushed men to migrate elsewhere in search of alternative livelihoods. Women have therefore taken on many tasks formerly done by men, yet mountain women are often invisible due to a lack of decision-making power and unequal access to resources...

indiginous mountain peopleDid You Know?
  • More than half of humanity relies on mountain freshwater for everyday life.
  • Mountains host about half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and 30% of all Key Biodiversity Areas.
  • Rural mountain women are vital to biodiversity conservation, and water and food security.
  • Of the 20 plant species that supply 80% of the world's food, six originated and have been diversified in mountains: maize, potatoes, barley, sorghum, tomatoes, and apples.

The United Nations does not want to curtail visits to the mountains, on the contrary they are encouraging visiting them - but armed with information on the issues so you can help rather than hinder. Want more information..?

We'd love to hear your experiences of the mountains and thoughts and comments on this post. Let us know via our social channels - see the links below. Or drop us an email via out contact page

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