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OCsystem Choosing Your Parts and Accessories ICEGRIPPER OCsystem Assistance


Do you have winter boots fitted with the OCsystem?
Need replacement OCsystem parts because they are worn or broken?

You have come to the right place...


STEP 1: If you know what OCsystem part you need simply CLICK HERE

STEP 2: A little unsure? Check the ICEGRIPPER OCsystem Reference Page to see if your boot model is featured on our list

STEP 3: Otherwise follow thses steps:

  1. What is the brand of your winter boots/footwear e .g. Olang, Pajar, Mammal, Rieker, Bognor, Snow+Rock, Denver Hayes, Anfibio..?
  2. What is the particular model e.g. Olang Bucefalo ?
  3. Is it a Mens, Womens, Youth, or Kids boot/footwear ?
  4. What is the boot/footwear size?
  5. Approximately how long ago did you buy them and can you remember where from? If not don't worry...
  6. Take a clear photo of your boots/footwear, preferably against a neutral background with minimal visual distraction
  7. Take a clear photo of the sole and OCsystem fitting, again preferably with minimal visual distraction
  8. Click the CHAT BUTTON, bottom right of the page. Or, email our expert: with the information above.

Landed on this page and not sure what we're talking about? Read on...

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In many parts of world, the climate, whether seasonal and temporary or year round, forces people to live and work in contact with snow and ice.

Whether people are used to the conditions or not – it's difficult to feel confident and carefree walking around, or even working in this environment.

OCsystem® was developed to address this problem, OCsystem is built into the footwear, giving wearers an immediate solution to dangerous icy and slippery snowy surfaces. The OCsystem allows the footwear wearer to carry on moving around at a near normal pace, preventing injury and providing confidence.Time saving is especially important because the ON/OFF nature of the OCsystem allows the footwear wearer to traverse from outdoors to indoors with minimal effort. Unlike having to take off and put back on ice grips, shoe chains and other mountable/demountable icegripper products.

OCsystem works with many of the world leading sole and footwear manufacturers, with many now including OCsystem into their various designs. The footwear models range from utility to high fashion so, in addition to being safe you look good too!
OCsystem® is the innovative, internationally patented non-slip solution produced by.AL.PI. Soles, since 1999.

Know what OCsystem part you need? CLICK HERE
Want to look at some OCsystem winter boots and footwear? CLICK HERE