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Buy direct from a reputable UK based retailer

New Import Rules, So Buy Direct, Buy UK

New Import Rules, So Buy Direct, Buy UK

Remember the 'good old days' when we were part of the single EU market? You could order goods from France, Spain, Germany - in fact any EU country, without problems. No extra taxes to pay, because the EU promoted freedom of movement of goods.

As from 1st July 2021 that's all changed!

In effect the UK now trades with all EU countries as a 'third country'. This means we are in the same category as any other non EU country, along with China, USA and most other countries of the world. Which means you are required to pay VAT and in some cases duty to the EU country that you are buying from.

Be very careful when buying through Amazon and Ebay, as it's not always clear where the goods are coming from and if they are coming from an EU country you might be in for a nasty surprise and be faced with a whole range of additional charges, such as Import VAT and Duty.

The safest way to buy the goods you need is DIRECT from a reputable UK BASED retailer. Preferably one that has some expertise in the product range, offers excellent service and is easily checked and contactable. Hmmmm! who could we be thinking of...? 😀

If you want further information on this subject - have a read of money saving expert Martin Lewis' newsletter (even he admits it's complicated!):

New Import Rules, So Buy Direct, Buy UK

Have you been faced with additional charges when buying from an EU country? Had products stuck in customs? We would be pleased to hear your stories and receive your comments and feedback.  Email us or contact us through our social sites - click on the links at the bottom of the page

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