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Skiing is back ⛷ Skiskooty Offer 🎁

Skiing is back ⛷ Skiskooty Offer 🎁

For the first time in two seasons - skiing is back on the agenda! 😀

The last time we wrote about skiing, which was November 2019, snowfalls hit record levels in some Alpine resorts, it was all very exciting...but suffered a very cruel blow soon afterwards due to the COVID Pandemic.

So in homage to that far off time we are offering  FREE STANDARD UK POSTAGE on all Skiskooty orders until 1st January 2022.

Skiskooty at ICEGRIPPER

Skiskootys are the perfect Christmas gift if you have friends or family who are ski enthusiasts. While you are taking avantage of free shipping, it's also worth checking out our SPECIAL OFFERS section and loading up your basket for maximum value! Useful Christmas and Winter gifts at sensible prices.

Simply use discount code: SKOOTY-FREE-SHIP and enter it in the discount code box on the checkout page.


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